About Elliot & Company WS


We are Elliot & Company WS, a traditional firm of solicitors, with offices in central Perth. Established in 1981, we offer our clients a wide range of legal and property services. Our website tells you a little about the firm, and our people. It also tells you what we can do to assist you, whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, make a will, start your own business or negotiate a commercial lease. We can also help with more challenging situations, such as bankruptcy or the administration of the estate of a deceased friend or relative.

We are rooted in the best traditional values of the Scottish legal profession. We hope that our clients find us to be warm, friendly and welcoming. Solicitors are often involved in the stressful moments in a person’s life. By being approachable, we aim to ensure that our clients feel that they can confide in us, which in turn allows us to assist the clients in the best way we can.

Please look around our site. If you require our help, or would simply like to discuss a matter with us, please contact us at our offices in Perth to arrange an appointment. Rather than give generic advice on a website, we believe that individually-tailored advice, discussed face to face, ensures that the correct solution is found for the client.

We hope that this site is helpful, and look forward to assisting you in the future.

A Little Bit of History

In October 1979, Messrs Rollo, Steven & Bond, solicitors, Dundee opened a branch office at 8 Charlotte Street, Perth. The resident junior partner was Donald Elliot, WS. Donald Elliot had a connection to Perth, as he had attended Glenalmond College (then called Trinity College, Glenalmond) in the 1960s. The Perth practice of Rollo Steven & Bond flourished. Donald decided, however, that it would grow more quickly as a stand-alone firm, and, on 16 October 1981, the firm of Elliot & Company WS commenced practice.

Since then the firm has grown, often by amalgamation with other firms. In the recent past, the firms of Morrison & Company, Robert J Sandeman WS, Ridley Seath and Company and PK Stirling-Aird, WS have all been subsumed into the present firm of Elliot & Company. The firm operates from offices at 8 Charlotte Street in Perth.